The greatest human possession is the human body, or our health. Without our health, everything else is pretty useless. We can be anyone we want, but the first thing that we need to have to become something of our choice is to have a proper health. Health is a necessary factor in almost everything that we do. Ofcourse, the will of the mind plays a bigger role than health in some exceptional cases, but if you have a good health, you’re already ahead in the game.

But the human body is fragile. We are prone to a number of diseases over the years of our lives and our health detoriates faster than we think it will. We are not cave men anymore. Our lives are filled with synthetic products, corrupted food articles and polluted air- and all of these factors have an adverse effect on our health and fitness. We need to take extra care of our body if we want to live healthily. We have to remember that we have nothing if we do not have our health.

Here are some tips on how to remain healthy:

  • Eat fresh. The world is filled with places selling us corrupted synthetic food articles. From sugar and salt to meat, everything we eat is preserved synthetic food. Humans had found a way to preserve food for a long time, but everyone has to agree that preserved food never gives as good results as real fresh food. So, whenever you can try eating fresh food. Fresh fruits, lentils, vegetables, everything. It can show wonders for your body.
  • Cut off alcohol and cigarettes. Alcohol is made from rotten fruits and vegetables by the process of fermentation. By this you can surely understand how bad it is for our health. Alcohol, directly affects your liver. The tipsy feeling after a glass of vodka goes away after a few hours, but the damage it gives your body stays on forever. Cigarettes or smoking directly affects your lungs. You also know the fact the cigarettes are the main cause of cancer in people. Without avoiding both of these poisonous substances, one cannot become healthy in any way.
  • Cut of sodas and sugary drinks. Sodas and sugary drinks have an effect on your liver as well. Any soda like Coca Cola, or Pepsi, have quite a bit of effect on your liver. It is not as dangerous as alcohol, and can be tried in moderate amounts, but if you already live quite an unhealthy lifestyle, you can make this change to help your body.
  • Eat food at regular intervals. Fasting for too long over an extended period of time can harm your body. You must eat food after every three-hour time gap. Make sure not to overeat, but eat enough and eat healthy.
  • Exercise. Exercise is one thing that is slowly disappearing from our extremely busy schedule. Exercising goes quite a long way. If you want to stay fit a healthy, try exercising at regular intervals between weeks.


Health and fitness are two of the most important aspects of life. One must take extra care to maintain both.


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