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A Brief History of Chiropractic Care


It is important to understand that everything started at the end of the 19th century when Daniel David Palmer performed first official chiropractic adjustment on Harvey Lillard, partially deaf janitor. 

During that time, Palmer was interested and practiced alternative and natural healing practices and philosophies. 

The interesting thing happened the next day because the janitor started to hear once again, which was the first successful adjustment that prompted Palmer to open a school of chiropractic care.

Generally, the word comes from the Greek language, primarily since the early philosophy was based on spiritualism, naturalism, vitalism, magnetism, and other schools that did not have a particular scientific method for it.

At the same time, principles of osteopathy were essential for developing this particular method, especially since Palmer understood the body as a machine that you can manipulate appropriately so that you can let your body heal itself without harmful remedies.

The spinal manipulation techniques started as well as the ability to maintain the subluxation and dysfunction of overall health. Palmer used HVLA manipulative techniques by using transverse processes as well as levers for additional stability.

His perspective was that this particular manipulation is perfect for the nervous system. Even though from the very start, osteopathy and chiropractic care were similar, in the future, practitioners wanted to differentiate themselves and regulate the profession.

However, the problems arrived at the beginning of the 20th century because a few chiropractors were charged with practicing medicine without the license, which led them to prison.

As the form of defense against the prosecution, Palmer created the first textbook in 1906 that featured everything that the public should know about chiropractic methods.

Even though they won the case, prosecutions were still prevalent, and people were jailed because they operated without a proper license. 

Chiropractors created political campaigns to allow them to create licensing statutes, which is something that reached the consensus during the seventies in all fifty states across the U.S. 

However, the past was highly intense, and particular individuals created the perspective that chiropractor treatments were painful and based on spinal adjustments. 

Even though people still consider it as an alternative approach to general medicine, it is gaining momentum and becoming standard among people that are sitting for a prolonged time.

Healthcare and Political Environment


During the 19th century, patent medicine was on the rise, which is why people started to consume ineffectively and, in some cases, dangerous remedies for treating particular ailments. 

The advertising was in favor of these remedies, which brought us to a point where people became wary and untrusting for new techniques and options.

The problems lay in ideas that some remedies were highly toxic and addictive, including mercury-based cures, morphine, which lead to the creation of less harmful alternatives such as eclectic medicine and homeopathy.

During the 19th century, metaphysical causes for illnesses and diseases became obsolete because scientists have discovered germ theory. At the same time, they adopted the scientific methods as a way to discover the problems that can lead to a particular disease.

Healthcare professionals required proper licenses to operate across the country. However, the lack of professionals due to Civil War issues allowed almost anyone to start practicing it.

The market required more physicians, which is why the number of medical schools increased; they were affordable and privately owned, which allowed people to obtain both degrees and licenses without proper knowledge.

Since education in medicine was available and affordable, numerous people wanted to become part of it, which created an opposite perspective. In the next few years, the number of practitioners because overabundant, which affected the income of real experts.

That was the main reason why they formed the American Medical Association (click here to visit their official website) and implemented high standards for becoming an M.D. or preliminary medical education. 

Since most practitioners could not meet the standard, the association implemented a regulation in which only a limited number of people can become practitioners.

In the mid-19th century, the AMA created a board that analyzed medicines and remedies to prevent potential issues and dangers to the public. 

During that time, doctors developed relationships with pharmaceutical companies with an idea to boost patent medicine and reach the legislation.

At the same time, they created a Committee on National Legislation for political representation that could affect the laws and amendments. At the same time, they created both state and federal medical boards in every state across the U.S. 

The mandatory requirement for a license was enrolling an AMA-approved medical college, which means that this particular association became one of the most potent forces in the U.S. and the beginning of organized medicine in the world.

Differences between Chiropractic and Osteopathic Medicine

Even though the beginnings included both metaphysics and mysticism, the changes in science and medical regulations required a scientific method for determining whether something is valid or not.

A few years before Palmer made the first spinal adjustment, Andrew Still published principles of osteopathy. Both of them wanted to combine the new approach with the traditional one. 

They described the body as a machine in which you should manipulate the parts to improve the overall health. 

At the same time, both practices became prominent; however, due to the broad campaign all across America, osteopathy was considered the real deal, while chiropractic care was just a lousy form of osteopathy.

Check out this site: to learn more about osteopathy in general. 

Chiropractic Care vs. Medicine

From the very beginnings, this particular form that leads to spinal adjustments was controversial because it did not use the already established methods that required licenses and medical degrees among other things.

That was the reason why numerous practitioners went to jail and had issues when it comes to legalizing their type of medicine. 

For instance, the AMA thought that chiropractic care was more of a cult, and they created teams that should find ways to eliminate and contain this particular profession.

However, everything changed during the ‘80s of the 20th century because spinal manipulation became a mainstream and popular way of handling illness. 

That led to numerous professional studies that created models for this particular care, which was the first step towards comprehensive legislation.